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Once we’ve figured out the best way to eliminate properties, I’ll set you up to receive emails of properties that will work for you.  You’ll be given a “Portal” (that’s what our MLS software terms it), an online vault where you can store the properties that interest you.  They’ll always be available to you, whether you’re on your home computer or other device or looking on your phone.  These are generated automatically from our MLS software, and it may take a bit of tinkering to make sure the best properties are falling out of the funnel into your inbox and Portal.

I publish a newsletter, Find A Mountain Home.  Being a bit of an old-timer, I print and mail the newsletter.  However, my more up-to-date friends and clients have often indicated they’d be happy saving trees and my postage costs if I’d create a digital version, so I do send that out now digitally as well, using Mailchimp.  The newsletter has local information, consumer tips, trivia contests, humor, and sometimes recipes (one reader always wants more of those).  You can take a glimpse of past issues at:  www.coerealty.com/newsletter.  Sign up to receive it.

I also mail out postcards with different topics:  what’s happening in our area, a peek at the market, what I’ve recently listed or sold, or sometimes (ahem, I do try to make these relevant) pictures of my grandchildren (such as waving Fourth of July flags).

My personal passion, beyond my family and friends, is photography.  I take a lot of hikes and while hiking shoot a lot of photos of our gorgeous mountains.  In the Fall I create a calendar using these pictures.  People who have 2nd homes here like to have copies of the calendar both at their home here, and at their year round home, the pictures reminding them of what their missing when away.  You can get an idea of the pictures at my blog:


I hope you’ll want all three – the newsletter (paper or digital), the postcards, and my calendar.  Please sign up for them using the links above, OR email me at Helen@HelenLPhillips.com OR, as always, better yet, give me a phone call at 828.264.1434 and let me know.  These projects are a great joy to me and I’d love to share them with you.

We realtors are asked this question a lot: What’s the Market Doing?  My first question back is always: What part of the market are you interested in?

I’m guessing one of your main questions regards market conditions – is it a buyers’ market or a sellers’ market?  The media is fond of a simple, one or the other answer to that.  In truth, a real estate market, like any other market, is always in flux, always changing.  It’s also comprised of markets within the market [by local areas, by price range, by type of home; land vs. single family residences vs. condos/townhomes.] The local real estate market as a whole may be quite different from the specific local market you’re interested in.  One of my favorite topics of discussion is our local real estate market, so bring on your questions!

Still, it will be helpful to you to know I post a monthly market analysis on both my blog and my facebook page.  Each January, I also complete a comprehensive yearly evaluation of the past calendar year, posting it both places.  You can check market conditions at your leisure at:



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